About Cath

Actually, I am all about you. I will tell you a bit ‘about me’ shortly but my focus is on you and how I can support you. You are here because life has been ‘tuff’, or confusing, frustrating or down-right impossible at times.

Maybe you have emotions that are out of control and a nervous system that can’t settle. Perhaps you have lost interest in life’s amazing adventures and having some fun.

You may have experienced a number of traumas in your life or one big one. It could have occurred long ago, for a long time or more recently.

You have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, food, cigarettes or TV, perhaps recreational drugs.

Maybe you just can’t put your finger on what has caused the way you feel and that’s Ok. We can figure that out together.

You are here because you want relief, you want to find a way forward.

You want peace and happiness.

You want to wake up in the morning being able to trust where the day will take you.

The way you feel might show itself as anxiety, depression or toxic stress. You may have developed a fear or phobia, perhaps your relationships are breaking down or the one you have with yourself feels harmful.

We all experience the world differently and that is what I bring to you. An approach that comes with deep kindness and respect for you and your uniqueness.

Here is what Clare says:

“When I first saw Cath I was lost, confused and deeply unhappy, I was in an unhealthy marriage that left me powerless and hopeless. I needed support and guidance and in Cath’s sessions I found it. In a relatively short period of time, I began to feel capable and strong, I identified the patterns of thinking and behaving that were holding me back, I understood the limiting beliefs that had led me to my current unhappiness and started to see their lack of substance, I had bought a story about myself that wasn’t true, and it was holding me back form feeling happy.

Within 6 months I found the strength to leave my marriage, I went from casual work to full time work in a new career that I had to study for, I had energy and passion and felt capable and strong. I needed constant support to make these changes and Cath went above and beyond, being available for telephone support whenever I needed.

Cath has worked with all of my three teenage children, helping them and guiding them through this huge change in their lives, I have noticed that they are less anxious and depressed and more loving and open. I am so happy that they have gained the skills to make themselves happy. Cath was always there for them, holding them through a very emotional and challenging time.

Eventually Cath worked with my ex-husband alone and in group sessions with me to help us work together as parents.
I never realised how happy and peaceful life could be, I know the therapy with Cath has done this for me.

Cath is a very insightful, talented, caring and compassionate therapist. I loved how professional Cath was, I always felt that she was there for me, in every session. I also found Cath very knowledgeable, she has a good grasp on how and when to use different treatment methods in therapy.
I would whole heartedly recommend Cath she is remarkable therapist”.

A little about me (from my perspective).

I often say to clients ‘I’m the old gal’ who has been around on this earth long enough to understand human beings just through my life experience. This is true in some part but what they don’t know is that I live and breathe training and updates on trauma and emotional healing in all its forms.

Not a day passes where I am not learning something new in the captivating world of trauma and emotional healing. I am a sponge for new learnings, mostly backed by research but also with a belief in approaches to healing that are a little outside of the ‘box’ sometimes.

I have also experienced trauma myself (who hasn’t?) and experience PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) as a result of medical Interventions, witnessing horrific accidents and a few other challenges relating to traumatic grief and loss.

Working with a trauma specialist was life altering for me and meant that I can now support others to have a similar experience if they choose to go down that path.

So, I get it!

Sometimes life is ‘hard’ and you wonder if you will ever be OK.
Trauma and overwhelming emotions can take over. I can’t profess to know how you feel but I can appreciate and understand the impact, which is unique.

I believe in gentle and respectful supports and interventions, stepping alongside my clients, holding a calm space, leading when it is needed.

Bearing witness to life traumas and emotional pain without judgement or criticism by bringing kindness and love.

I believe in a person’s ability to heal from some of the most unimaginable hurt, physically, sexually, spiritually and emotionally. I witness it regularly with my clients.

I believe that the past can be very triggering in the present and that there are several interventions such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming), EMIT (Eye Movement Integration Therapy) and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, NLP, Matrix Therapy, Coaching and Counselling that can provide a calm space to release the intense emotions and still have the memory in a safe way.

I believe that emotional distress can be released in healthy ways.

My motto is do no harm!

I always have hope.

Here is a small poem I wrote for my clients about hope.


Hope lives in cracks between large rocks
It lives in water wells covered in moss
It hides under rugs and settles into words and feelings
It lives in faith and religion, meditation and spirituality
It lives for life
It lives big in the world at times
At other times a glimmer of hope
A small slither of hopeful light amongst grief or despair, pain or hopelessness.
Sometimes it’s a big brassy door knocker
Opening to all that matters
A belief that the world is an amazing place to reside
That life, in this moment is a glorious opportunity to be hopeful.

By Cath Edwards 2021

Let the healing begin!

PS I forgot to tell you I also work with children and adolescents. It is a great privilege to support the ‘youngns’ before life becomes exceptionally challenging. They learn mind/body/emotion skills for life.

PPS I just love gardening, people, writing poetry, reading, appreciating nature and my beautiful family.

I have co-authored in 3 books and have a rich working history in social justice, project management, community engagement, corrections, police enforcement, community safety, adult education, child protection, mental health, marriage celebrancy, group work and, of course, therapy, coaching and psychoeducation.

I am also a Clinical Practitioner/Trainer for the EMIT Training College
https://eyeintegration.com/emit-training-college/ and I am a Clinical Supervisor.

If you want to know more about my qualifications or accreditations I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

One of my favourite places to find calm and peace


I have a whole bunch of qualifications just in case you are curious.
I don’t want to bore you too much with the details but here are a few:

Diploma in Life Coaching

Performance and Executive Coach

Advanced Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate of Medical Hypnosis, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certified Master Practitioner in Matrix Coaching, Archetypal Coaching and Passion and Purpose Coaching

Extended DISC Consultant and Trainer

Graduate Diploma of Education

Diploma in Welfare and Diploma in Community Development

Practitioner of Neuro – Linguistic Programming

Masters Degree in Safety Promotion

Eye Movement Practitioner, Trainer and Clinical Supervisor